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Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance, and Intuition Development Coaching for Personal Growth & Transformation

Meet Me

Hi I’m Lindsey Luna!

used to feel lost, overwhelmed, and struggling with my confidence and purpose. I didn’t feel fulfilled and I knew that I was meant for something bigger.

It wasn’t until my spiritual awakening and personal healing journey began in 2012 did I start to find my path. Nearly 10 years later I have worn many hats. Massage therapist, shamanic energy healer, Reiki Master, trauma specialist & somatic healer… and now I have come to a new place in my journey. One where I help fellow healers, coaches, and lightworkers release their blocks and step into their paths fully.

I believe that we are living in a time of tremendous growth and transformation. This period of time is something that I personally have been waiting and preparing for. I have spent the past 10 years growing, helping others, and teaching so that when this time would come I could step up and help the next series of awakening healers rise.

If this all resonates—it’s likely you’re a part of this pivotal moment of human growth too. I’d love to support you. The world needs you

Your Spiritual Health Is Important For Your Overall Health and Wellbeing

All appointments are booked online.

Please book your appointments through my scheduling app where you can see my availability immediately and reserve your spot. I am no longer booking via message in order to best serve my clients in session and get you your slot immediately.
Thank you for understanding.


Upcoming Workshops


Shamanic Reiki Level I & II Training and Attunement

Reach out to me for more information.

This course includes both Reiki Level I & II training and attunement to Usui Reiki with a shamanic perspective and approach.

Why Work With Me?



I have been working with clients since 2013. Providing results for even the most complex cases. My experience shapes the quality of our sessions and helps me teach you skills as well.


Energy Hygiene is my top priority. I always start with a cleansed space, tools, and self so that your session and energy field is protected.

Trauma & Mental Health Informed

I am trauma and mental health informed.  My goal is to provide a safe and shame-free healing environment so that your mental and emotional health is valued.

Holistic Approach

Even though I primarily work with your spirit. I am also aware of the intersection of your mental and physical health. You are a whole person and all of it is connected.


Client success stories

“If you are looking for energy work Lindsey is your go to; whether it’s your 1st time or you’ve had work done before. She is very knowledgeable and highly intuitive. Lindsey truly takes the time to listen and address the core issues at hand. You will definitely leave feeling better than when you went it in.

-Tawny C.

“I’m so amazed at my results. Lindsey helped me understand many aspects of my life. I definitely recommender her services and definitely will go back!!”

-Angelica G.


“Lindsey is great! I’ve had energy work done else where and never experienced the benefits like I do with Lindsey. If you’re in need of energy work, she’s your gal.”

-Summer C.

I met Lindsey Luna last year and she has forever changed my life in the most positive way. I had done reiki years ago and was looking to find someone I was comfortable with and trusted. I had been in a job that was no longer healthy or beneficial to me and was just causing so much stress in my life. Lindsey helped me clear negative energy, cut cords and bring much more joy into my life. I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge about grounding and using stones. I very much enjoy having the rituals every so often as they help keep me on track for what is currently happening in my life. The energy healing sessions are so therapeutic!!! Lindsey has relieved physical and mental pain for me. I now have my husband seeing her and he is feeling the benefits from this truly kind, gifted and loving individual.

-Tiffani P.

I found Lindsey at a time of deep pain. She helped me heal through the put of my trauma, being sexually abused. I knew the first time speaking with her that our journey together would be profound. She retrieved a piece of my soul from a past life and my life hasn’t looked the same since in the most beautiful of ways! That was in June 2019. Since then we have had many more healing sessions. The best decision I ever made was taking an apprenticeship with her to become a shaman myself. Lindsey has played an intricate part in both saving and changing my life! By compassionately sharing her gifts with me, she helped me to unlock mine, freeing me from years of trauma and pain. I trust her completely and love her deeply. I’m incredibly grateful for our connection.

-Maria T.

Lindsey Luna is an incredibly gifted, powerful, and intuitive shamanic energy healer. I have received many healings from her and the results were profound. Her spiritual advice and connection to the spirit world are truly amazing. Through her healings, I finally came to realize that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I am forever grateful.

-David T.

Lindsey was absolutely great. I’m generally skeptical about this kind of thing, which she was very understanding of, but ultimately I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. She creates an incredibly relaxing and comfortable environment and her intuition is on-point. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a unique and powerful experience.

-Ben C.

Lindsey is great! I have been 2 times and am going to go more! I felt “stuck” energetically and she has cured me! She is the real deal. I am connected again! Try it, you will like it!

-Kevin C.

Lindsey is an incredible empath and energy worker among other things. I’ve worked with her a couple times and she is no joke. 10/10 recommended

-Ciara A.

I think and important factor going through any kind of therapy is to find someone you can trust. Linsey has shown me that and makes me feel completely comfortable sharing anything with her, I’ve only had about 3 sessions and my life his completely changed since. the theoropy has allowed me to completely tap into the root cause of my problems, let’s admit it we all have them. I’ve never felt my life with such direction, I’m shedding a lot of my past self and I feel so inspired and empowered by the love I feel within, this experience helped me get there it was a reminder I was on the right path in life. I’ve gone through a few different types of theoropy and a few therapists, and going through Lindsey has been the most comfortable and transformational experience.

-Random R.

Amazing massage therapist also certified reiki energy worker. Can help you address your subconscious problems.

-Chelsea H.

Lindsey is amazing! She has literally changed my life for the better. She is the real deal. I highly recommend her for any physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

-Stephanie B.

I came across Lindsey’s story on IG and was immediately intrigued by her work. I booked a session and I can’t stress enough how free and focused I feel today! Her gifts are so powerful and she herself is a superkind human being! It is an absolute life shifting experience and I highly recommend her services!! A million thanks Lindsey

-Maria P.

I highly recommend a reading or energy session. Both of the readings I received resonated heavily with me. I’ve received similar messages from my own readings and I was happy with the outcome and clarification. Also with the energy healing I did, I had started that day off very distraught over some haunting dreams. After clearing the source of those dreams in my session, I haven’t had any issues.
I would recommend any of the services offered as they are all beneficial in their own way.

-KB Y.

I highly recommend Lindsey Luna if you want a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of your energy. I’ve personally received long-distance energy healing work a couple of times, and Lindsay has been there to help me along the way in my own self-healing journey. She’s helped my connection with my ancestor/ spirit guides, as well as toxic cord removal. We cannot do this work alone and she is one of very few I trust with these delicate matters. She always helped make me feel welcomed, safe, and supported along the way. 💜

-Alexa S.

Lindsey is a very powerful shaman/healer. After I started working with her 3 years ago, my life began to change immediately for the better. When I first saw her, I had a lot of childhood trauma that I was still dealing with, blocks and I wasn’t grounded or connected with spirit…all of this was starting to affect my health. She changed my life so much that I decided to take her shamanic apprenticeship bc i wanted to help people in the same way. Lindsey, thank you so much. I have a level of happiness and purpose now that I didn’t have before meeting you. 💗

-Stephanie B.

I have been to traditional therapy for years. And I was just stuck in this awful place and couldn’t get any peace. I had just gone through 4 tragedies within a six-month time frame and therapy wasn’t cutting it. My massage therapist told me about Lindsay, and thank heavens she did! I knew of Reiki but not in-depth. After my first appt, I felt I had definitely found the right person to help me. I felt lighter and put back together. And over my 3 years with Lindsey, she has helped me immensely! From clearing out old feelings and cords, helping set boundaries, to predictions of my granddaughter last year (both pregnancy and gender). She has truly been a Godsend and blessing to my life.

-Jane B.

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