Hello Beautiful Souls!

I am so glad you found my blog. My name is Lindsey Luna and I am an empath and energy healer on a mission to help others unlock their full potential, fully realize their gifts, heal, grow, and pursue their callings.

I have always been very sensitive. Most of my early life I was overwhelmed by depression, anxiety, and the energy I felt from others around me. 

It wasn’t until 2012 when I started my recovery journey, which I now call my spiritual awakening, that I could no longer ignore the things I was running from and I had to step up and face it all head on.

Healing and spiritual awakenings are difficult because they challenge us to face our shadow. Our shadow is not a bad thing. It is part of who we are. We must love it, heal it, and integrate into our being.

Perhaps you are deep in your own spiritual awakening wondering all sorts of things. Like, “When the heck this will all be over? When can I have some peace in my life? Is it possible to heal all these wounds?”

Or perhaps you are looking to build your psychic and spiritual skills so that you can stop being weighed down by energy that is not yours and instead have the confidence to live a happy and authentic life fully connected to your intuition…

I’m here to help. That’s my calling.

I know what it’s like to:


  • Feel like you don’t fit in or belong in the world
  • To feel trapped, stuck unable to move forward
  • To be overwhelmed by the intensity of empathic and intuitive abilities
  • Trying to bury or escape the pain, only to discover that path makes it all worse
  • Trying deal with negative self talk, limiting mindsets, and hardly any self-love

I would love to help you. I know that you are meant for a very divine purpose and that purpose is to heal your wounds and to manifest the life you want.

We truly are meant to love and be loved, to share our gifts, to live our lives authentically, and to be the master of our energetic space.

Why Work With Me?




I have been doing energy healing since 2013


I'm a shamanic energy healer and Reiki master. I use a variety of modalities in all my sessions


I value ethics and boundaries


Energetic safety is my top priority


I am trauma and mental health informed


I have a holistic view point and I value mind-body-spirit equally


I have hundreds of happy clients and taking care of you is my top priority!

Upcoming Classes



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