A big part of the energy healing I provide is focused on clearing and balancing our chakra system. Many people have heard of chakras, but they don’t understand exactly how they are connected to our overall health. Let’s explore them now!


Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”. They are spiral shaped energy centers of our spiritual body located at various points in our spirit. The main seven start at the base of our spine and move up one by one to the crown of our head.

Your chakras connect and pass energy through each other as well as throughout your body and aura. Essentially, chakras are a part of your spirit’s anatomy.


When in perfect balance these energy centers represent better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. However, they can become blocked, shut off completely, or knocked out of balance by becoming overactive or underactive.

Each chakra is connected to certain aspects of our health. The problems will show up in our lives differently based on the chakra and how it is affected. When balanced, we are more happy and productive in our lives. Energy healing is one of the best ways to heal your chakras and spirit, which ultimately impacts your entire life.


Energy healing is a healing modality that focuses on the subtle human energy field which is an important piece of our overall health and well-being. I consider the human energy field to be our spiritual body or our individual consciousness. It has it’s own anatomy, much like the physical body does. 


Underactive: When we have an underactive chakra, it’s energy is less vibrant. It may be underactive due to energetic blocks or because another chakra close by is overactive and pulling away its energy. Since we can’t draw from this energy easily, it impacts the health aspects associated with that particular chakra.

Overactive: When we have an overactive chakra, the energy center is out of balance and overpowering. It has a negative impact on our lives, relationships, health, relationships, and and chakras close by. 

Blocked: A chakra can be blocked with energy and emotions that need to be healed and released. These blocks prevent us from fulling expressing ourselves through that particular chakra. These blocks may develop from past relationships, past experiences, and negative thought patterns.

On very rare occasions we can completely shut off a chakra due to significant trauma or stress. This will certainly develop into more serious problems if not addressed.

Spirit Tip:

All chakras are an equally important part of our whole spiritual, physical, and mental health.  Since they are connected, an imbalance in one area can affect the balance of others. Not only must we work to heal our energy itself, we must also take action to heal the corresponding problems in the physical plane. 


Also known as Muladhara in Sansrkit.

This is our first chakra and it’s color is red. It is located at the base of the spine. It’s main function is to ground us into earth energy which is vital to our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. However, it also represents our more physical/material aspects; such as security, our physical body, and our financial health.

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Also known as Svadhisthana in Sanskrit

Our second chakra is orange and found in the lower abdomen beneath the belly button.  It represents our emotions, our sexuality, and our creativity. When balanced we feel comfortable expressing ourselves creatively, emotionally, and sexually. We also enjoy life’s pleasure and have good coping skills for life’s pains. However, imbalances are common in this chakra.

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Also known Manipura in Sanskrit.

Our third chakra is yellow and located just above our belly button in the core of our abdomen. It represents our willpower, our self-esteem, and our ability to create action in our lives.  It is one of the most commonly corded chakras. We will explore what energetic cords are and how to release them at a later time.

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Also known as Anahata in Sanskrit.

Our fourth chakra is green and located in the center of our chest. As our love center, it represents our ability to both give and receive love. It also is connected healing and creativity. I have come to find that this chakra is commonly blocked or corded. 

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Spirit Tip:
Past pains, traumatic experiences, relationships, and emotions can cause a build up of unhealthy energy within our spirit and chakras affecting our health.  Healing them give us the ability to move on and live our life more vibrantly. Sometimes these blocks are buried within and we don’t realize how they’re impacting us.



Also known as Vishuddha in Sanskrit

Our fifth chakra is blue and located in our throat. This is a creative chakra that represents our ability to speak, listen, create, discover, and live in our truth. If we have troubles speaking up for ourselves, we may have a throat chakra block.

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Also known as the brow chakra or Ajna in Sanskirt.

Our sixth chakra’s color is indigo and is located right between our physical eyes. The third eye represents spiritual sight and is also connect to our mental health.

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 Also known as Sahasrara in Sanskrit.

This is our seventh chakra. It is either violet or a crystal clear light and it’s located at the top of the head. Much like the root grounds us into earth energy, the crown connects us to divine energy where we receive spiritual messages and healing.

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These are located in the centers of the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

The feet chakras are part of our grounding system.  With the help of the base, they connect us to earth’s energy. The earth then transmutes any negative energy into positive.

The hand chakras are connected to the heart chakra. Through them we channel healing and creativity. Part of balancing our heart chakra is to make sure the hands are balanced and unblocked so that we can easily give and receive love, healing, and creativity.

Thank you so much for exploring our energy centers with me!

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Best wishes for your spiritual health!

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