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Cleansing Meditation: How It Works

One of the hardest things about being an empath is dealing with all the energy you pick up. This cleansing mediation helps make being an empath easier by clearing out your spirit from what you pick as well as anything you are carrying from the past.

It does this by bringing the bad energy down and out of your body through your feet and base chakras. Overtime, doing this meditation regularly will help your spirit get used to naturally clearing the energy you pick up in real time, instead of holding onto it. This frees you up for a happier and more vibrant life.

Step One: Get Comfortable

Find a comfortable place where you can sit or lay down without distractions. Put some relaxing music on, preferably without any lyrics. If you don’t want to use music it is not necessary.  Silence or natural relaxing background noise, such as a stream or breeze would work as well.

Step Two: Take 3-5 Slow Deep Breaths

Once you are comfortable and have finished adjusting your body to find the perfect position, begin by taking several slow deep breaths. After about 3-5 of these breaths, resume your natural breathing rhythm.

Step Three: Begin Energy Healing

Now imagine either a healing light or healing water pouring down into the top of your aura and through your crown chakra. As this healing energy pours down through your body and aura, feel it breaking up and dislodging any bad energy.

After it breaks free, imagine the old energy being pulled down towards your feet by the healing energy, leaving your spiritual body clear and vibrant. Give any areas that need extra attention more time if you feel called.

Step Four: Release Energy Into the Earth

When the energy finally reaches your feet, have it flow out of your base and feet chakra down into the earth’s core. The earth will naturally recycle any of the lower energy from your spirit into positive energy.

Step Five: Notice What Your Spirit Feels Like

Do this meditation for as long as you need. Keep taking deep breaths and notice what it feels like to have this energy cleared out of you, this is who you are. Remember it so that you can recognize whenever you pick something up throughout your day.

Step Five: End Meditation

When you feel ready to stop this meditation. Just take a few slow deep breaths. Wiggle your feet and hands before opening your eyes.

Spirit Tip:
If your mind wanders away during the meditation, that is okay. Just take a few slow deep breaths, allow your inner chatter to quiet down, and reconnect with the visuals.


This mediation can be done very quickly while you are living your daily life. Just imagine the light or water flowing through you like a quick stream taking away any energy that you may have picked up.

I hope you found this meditation very helpful! This is my go-to cleansing meditation for keeping my spirit clear and vibrant. Please share it with those who need it’s help.

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