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Stephanie Baker

Love, Light, and Healing

Stephanie is the owner of Love, Light, and Healing. She is an energy healer, shamanic practitioner, reiki master, and mother to three amazing girls.

She specializes in energy healing for moms, children, whole families, and anyone else who is interested in improving their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

She loves to help people by connecting them with spirit, grounding them, clearing blocks, balancing chakras, and removing cords/entities. 💗

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Laura Cobb

Laura Cobb is a Reiki Master, shamanic energy healer, and spiritual medium. She meets you where you’re at on your sacred journey by listening and engaging you in a holistic experience. Laura’s esoteric knowledge and wisdom will guide you beyond perceived limitations and illusions in the physical world allowing the release of emotional/physical blocks and the illumination of your divine magic and inner light.

Laura offers shamanic energy healings using a variety of modalities including psychic messaging. She also facilitates group healings, guided meditations, and can assist with land and home blessings that cleanse and transition unwanted energies. Sessions can be in-person or remote depending on your location and preference.

This work is her life’s passion and she’s excited to open the channels of healing and empowerment for all seeking balance, clarity, and spiritual growth in their life.

Circling the Sacred Soul – Activations & Healings for Light Workers, Empaths, Healers, & Seekers.

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(208) 890-3942

Shiana VanZelf

Shiana is a Reiki Master and Shamanic Energy Healer. She is a highly sensitive intuitive and psychic medium, specializing in trauma healing.

Her mission is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space to serve each individual client’s intention for the highest and greatest good.

In sessions, she works with Spirit to facilitate total mind/body/spirit integration, congruence, and coherence.

Various modalities such as sound, incense, crystals, and guided meditations are utilized to achieve this goal. She understands everyone is different and is committed to supporting your individual needs.

Please text, call, or email to schedule!

(208) 600-9855

Maria Teresa Pratico-Swanson

My name is Maria Teresa Pratico-Swanson. I’m a woman walking this journey of life in truth. I am a certified master shaman— specializing in healing trauma, addiction, and mental health disorders.

As a psychic medium and channel, a rare combination, practicing the art of shamanism has transformed my life. My soul is free and my authentic spirit has awakened. I use my sensibilities as superpowers and the power of love is what fuels my magic as a shamanic healer.

Creativity is my soul’s expression, purpose, and passion which I express through my healing services, writing poetry, hosting a blog, dancing, painting, and practicing yoga.

My motto is “Triumphing over Trauma”. In 2011, after a lifetime of trauma, I became aware that I needed to reconnect with my soul following a suicide attempt. Healing integrates all aspects of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. Unraveling conditioning and programming continue to take introspection, patience, grace, and most of all LOVE! I’m committed to my practice of healing from the human experience as an awakened soul. I believe I am here to help heal humanity one heart at a time. 

I offer shamanic healing sessions, both long-distance and in-person, and have written 6 books of poetry available on Amazon.

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