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Grounding and protection stones are great tools to carry if you’re an empath or psychic intuitive needing extra energetic protection.

I personally like to wear them whenever I am going out to socialize, during my healing sessions, or if I plan to be anywhere where there will be a lot of people.

I highly recommend carrying one or more of these stones on you if you leave people or places feeling drained.

Choose whichever ones you feel drawn to. Trust your intuition when picking out a stone.

Grounding and the Base Chakra and Feet Chakras

The base chakra is the main chakra that grounds us into the earth’s energy. It does this in assistance with the feet chakras. All of the stones below are also considered base chakra stones. This means they will help heal and balance the base chakra on top of providing grounding and protection.

If you would like to learn more about grounding in general, please check out this blog.

How to use these stones

You can use these stones in cleansing meditations, grounding meditations, and base chakra meditations. However, they can be beneficial in all types of meditations.

You may also wear these stones on the body or place them in your home or office.

Don’t forget to cleanse their energy regularly.

This is a great heavy duty protection and grounding stone. It is used in shamanic rituals to protect the healer from negative energies, darker forces, and entities as it dispels negative energy.

It aids with anxiety and allows the wearer to feel more grounded, secure, and confident when it comes to decision making. It is also very helpful for those that struggle with negative self-talk, mental health issues, addiction, and feelings of unworthiness.

Smokey quartz is a gentle grounding stone. It allows one to connect to the light more easily, which aids the wearer in dispelling negativity, anxiety, stress, and worries. Use it to help you deal with difficult life situations and difficult people. It is also great for dealing with psychic attacks.

Apache Tear is excellent at aiding in grief and loss. Instead of just dispelling negative energy, like many of the other stones listed, it actually aids in healing these issues within the self. Due to this ability, it may dredge up feelings that have been buried in order to bring them up to the surface to be seen, processed, and healed.

It carries with it significant ancestral wisdom and protection and will help the wearer feel more supported and secure in their life and their struggles, allowing them to feel more empowered and less alone.

Garnet helps cleanse the chakras and bring passion and drive into your life. It is considered a warrior stone and as such is very protective and will aid in swift decision making as well as handling crises and rifts in relationships. This stone is very good at helping the wearer to feel empowered and authentic while also providing grounding and protection.

This protection stone is great to wear around people who bully or use their energy to intimidate or threaten. It helps you stay grounded and to know when you need to speak up or when to hold your tongue when dealing with difficult individuals. This is another empowering stone and also helps with psychic attacks.

This stone is very grounding and is great for individuals who have difficulty staying focused and on task. It helps center your mind and your thoughts so that you can make logical choices that will bring in the most benefit to your life. It dispels negativity and helps clear the mind of negative emotions and thought patterns. It also allows you to better connect with positivity and helps you see others in a more positive light.

My All-Time Favorite: Shungite

I consider this a super stone. It protects from negative energies as well as balances and heals the chakras, aura, and mental health patterns. It promotes positivity and personal growth. Not only that, if you are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies it can help protect against those as well.

This stone can be very transformative for the wearer, so be mindful of that. I recommend this stone for those working in healing professions or who work with a lot of people throughout their day.

In Conclusion

These stones help aid in healing your base and feet chakras, as well as grounding and protecting your energy field. All of them are great and I recommend choosing one or more that resonate with you. Wear it as jewelry, carry it in your pocket, or place it somewhere close to you.

Make sure to cleanse them regularly. I recommend developing a grounding practice and working with an energy healer to help you clear out any blocks if you find yourself struggling to ground. I’m available long distance or in office if you would like to work with me.

All of my love, 

Lindsey Luna

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