Healing & Balancing Blend

This blend is perfect for cleansing, healing, strengthening, balancing, and protecting your energy field. It is great for all those who work in the healing industry or those who are highly empathetic, are caregivers, and come in contact with many people regularly. Add it to part of your normal self-care routine to heal the spirit and promote wellness.


  • Sea Salt
  • Epsom Salt
  • Benzoin
  • Pinyon Pine
  • Opoponax ( Sweet Myrrh)
  • White Mayan Copal
  • Dragonsblood
  • Frankincense
  • Blessing oil
  • Reiki infused
  • Selenite and rose quartz infused


Recommended Amount:

  • 1/2 tablespoon to full tablespoon in a bath or shower (please use your intuition on how much you need)
  • Pinch for rituals use in rituals
  • Pinch for use in protection or your space
  • Pinch in some water to cleanse crystals and spiritual tools. Put tools in water for as long as you feel called. (Make sure they are safe in water).


How to Use:

  • Use regularly to maintain your spiritual health.
  • Use before rituals or before going to receive any healing modality such as counseling, yoga, energy healing, somatic healing, etc. (Can also be used after.)
  • Use regularly to clear the spirit if you are a healer or caregiver to keep your spirit strong and prevent energy leaks.
  • Add to rituals to bring positive results, healing, and protection.
  • Use it to clean and charge your spiritual tools or crystals.

Top Recommendations:

  • Use regularly to help keep your spirit healthy and strong.
  • Be sure to cleanse the space after you use this salt to help clear anything that you have released.
  • If you work in the healing field, you can wash your hands regularly with this salt imagining that the water is pulling any energy that doesn’t serve into the water to be cleansed and transmuted. This helps you stay clear and strong throughout the day.


You can use this intention before your bath if you would like.

May my spirit be cleansed, balanced, healed, and protected for my highest and greatest good. I release all that no longer serves and welcome in positive healing and abundance.

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