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If you are sensitive and empathic, having a sacred–or at least energetically clear– space is important. Your sensitivity means you are also sensitive to the energy in the places you live or work at. It’s really easy for lower vibrational energy to fill up our space and affect us if we aren’t conscious of it. We can pick it up from out in the community and unknowingly bring it into our homes or office. We also may go through periods of difficult times or stressful experiences which can also lead to a build-up. When I say “low vibration” I really just mean bad or heavy, stagnant energy that can weigh us down and leave us feeling drained. Anger, sadness, grief, despair, frustration, boredom, etc. can build up energetically and impact our wellness.

Cleansings clear out this heavy, lower frequency energy and then replaces it with positive and higher vibrational energy; bringing in peace, calm, and an overall better vibe for you to bask in.

When it comes to cleansing, there are no rules for how often you should do it. My best recommendation is to do it whenever you feel called to. If you think you need to cleanse, listen to that thought. That’s your intuition.


    • When you move into a new home, room, office
    • When you rearrange your home
    • When you or the people you share your space with are going through difficult times
    • You can set up a schedule and do it once a week or on the full moon, new moon, etc.
    • Before you start doing a self care ritual
    • Before meditation
    • After an argument or confrontation
    • When you come home from a difficult day
    • Before starting a creative project
    • Before you go to a healing session
    • Whenever you begin a tarot or oracle reading
    • Anytime you feel called


Pick up the clutter, recycle or throw away your garbage, wipe down your counters, dust, vacuum, sweep, make your bed, and put things away.

Starting with a clean space stirs up the stagnant energy trapped around your clutter.  It is also proven that clutter leads to anxiety and stress, affecting our mental and physical health. This one step alone isn’t just great for our spirit, it’s good for our mind and body as well.


There are many tools to help you cleanse your home. I like to use sage at my home. However at work, sage isn’t an option.  Instead I go with a clearing spray to not bother other people with sage’s strong scent. Here are some ideas for you to use when cleansing a space. Choose a medium that feels right to you.

  • Clearing spray
  • Sage
  • Palo santo
  • Incense
  • Prayer
  • Holy water
  • Crystal infused water
  • Candle
  • Sweet grass
  • Pendulum


Intention is the most important thing when working with energy. The energy follows the intention you set, so setting the right intention is vital.

You have to remember that you are channeling and guiding the energy. To protect yourself you don’t want to take any of the old energy into yourself or push out your personal energy to fill the space. Instead you are tapping into the abundant life force and your higher power to do the cleansing.

There are two ways to set an intention. One is with visualization and another is by saying the intention out loud or in your head.

The way that you use visualization or set an intention is entirely up to you. It’s your magic, do it how you see fit. As long as it fits the basic intention that old bad energy leaves to be transmuted and the universal and abundant life force fills it’s space instead. You can also add the medium you choose to your intention. If you’re feeling stuck here are some ideas. Feel free to alter them to fit your spiritual beliefs or your space’s intention:

Visualization Ideas

Visualize angels or even archangel Micheal coming into your home or room and filling up your space with divine light clearing out and healing the energy.

Imagine that as you burn the sage stick or use whatever cleansing medium it breaks apart the old energy clearing it out and re-energizing the space.

If you would like to use elemental energy you can choose an element and visualize it cleansing your space. Air for example, can be visualized as strong cleansing breeze coming through your home and your body clearing everything out until it slowly stops, leaving you with a warm embrace.

Intention Statement Ideas

Say it aloud or in your head. It doesn’t have to be a statement, you can also set intention with prayer to your higher power.

“May spirit help me cleanse my space and fill it with healing light so that my home may be full of peace and tranquility.”

“Dear heavenly father, please clear out my space of negative energy and to fill it up with positive and healing energy. Amen.”

“I ask the creator to cleanse, protect, and uplift the energy of my space.”

“With this smudge I cleanse this room and fill it with creative and healing energy where I can allow my inner muse to fully shine.”

“With this clearing spray, I release low vibrational energy and fill this room up with light, so that it may be a safe and healing place for all that enter.”


Hold on to your intention and start using the cleansing tool of your choice.


Light your smudge stick to cleanse the energy. I like to light it on a tea light instead of using a lighter because it takes awhile for it to smolder and produce smoke. Blow on it to create embers. If the smudge stick is bundled together really tight you may need to pull it apart just a little bit in order to get enough air moving through it to keep the embers lit.

Once the smoke starts to flow, begin to move the sage around your space and allow it to billow in the places you feel called to. You can hold the smudge stick or put it in holder, such as an abalone shell.  Smudge for as long as you feel called. You may notice a weight lift and a lightness in your spirit.


You can make your own clearing spray or you can purchase one. I have bought a couple and have really enjoyed them. They are usually made with essential oils so the spray leaves a lovely scent after.  I usually set my intention and spray a few times through-out each room I am cleansing. That’s all that’s needed.


Much like the sage, you can use a candle to light palo santo. Sit the tip of the stick in the flame for 30-60 seconds. it should start to turn red and smoke. Waft the smoke around your room or home focusing on your cleansing intention. You can carry it or use a holder, just like the smudge stick.


Set your intention that as the incense burns it will clear out bad energy and bring in positive energy. You can leave it in an insence burner and allow it to run out or you can move around your room and house for a little bit letting the smoke move around before you place it in a holder to finish.


This one is great because it’s very simple and can be done in areas where you aren’t comfortable doing a cleansing ritual, like at work. Pray aloud or in your mind to your creator/higher power to protect and cleanse your home and the people in it.


Holy water is typically any water that has been blessed by a catholic priest, but it can also be blessed by a priest of any religious or spiritiual denomination. After setting your cleansing intention you can combine prayer and gently splash or spray holy water through out the room.


Like holy water, you can splash or spray this crystal infused water through out your home or room while holding your intention. Make sure to use water that was infused with at least a grounding or cleansing stone like smokey quartz or black tourmaline.


Grab a tealight or any candle that you would like to use. Set an intention that as you light the candle the lower energy will clear your space and higher vibrational energy will come in and take it’s place. You can also set the intention so that the process continues the whole time the candle is lit. Let the candle burn until it runs out or blow it out after you feel the process is done.


Sweet grass has a sweet smell to it. You burn it like you would sage or palo santo. Sweet grass is meant to invite good energy in. So make sure that you light it after you have already cleared your space if you want to include sweet grass in your cleansing ritual.


Grab your pendulum and begin swinging it in a small circular motion. I prefer clockwise but if you feel counterclockwise works better, swing it that way instead. While circling the pendulum you can move around your room with the intention that the pendulum cleanses the space. Do this for as long as you feel you need.


If you believe you have a dark or negative entity within your home and you don’t feel comfortable doing a cleanse, I highly recommend you seek out someone who can assist you. There are people who have experience with handling these situations and if you don’t have the proper energetic boundaries you could accidentally open yourself up to a stickier situation.  These types of spiritual encounters are highly unlikely but do occur on occasion.

 Thank you so much for reading. Please share if you found it useful.

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