What is Grounding?

Grounding is the act of getting ourselves into our body and out of our mind. Spiritually speaking, grounding connects us to the earth energy allowing us to stay present and transmute energies we pick up throughout the day.

I have written another blog going into more detail about what grounding is and why it’s so important. Please check it out here.

If you are feeling anxious, disconnected, triggered, about to have a panic attack, or preparing for any spiritual work you can use any the following techniques. Over time you will find which ones work best for you in different situations.

Quick things to do to ground in the moment:

I highly recommend focusing on taking slow deep breaths when doing any grounding work. Slow breaths calm the nervous system taking you out of fight or flight. Even simply just focusing on your breath can be grounding.

1) Go for a walk and pay attention to your senses.

Nature is naturally grounding. Tune into the moment. Slow your breath. What sights, sounds, smells, and sensations can you notice?  Pay attention to your senses and each individual step you take.

2) Focus on taking slow breaths and slowly rub your hands on your thighs, starting from the top and down to your knees. Repeat until grounded.

This one is great to use if you are feeling triggered, anxious, or disassociated. This is one of my go-to grounding practices when dealing with anxiety. I especially like to use it if I am in a situation where I cannot leave or I want to hide that I’m anxious because of where I’m at.

3) Place one hand on your heart and the other on your stomach.

This is a form of self energy healing and it’s another one that can be done fairly easily without drawing attention to yourself. You can also place both hands on your stomach or both hands on your heart. This is another favorite of mine.

4) Put your hand or hands over your crown chakra on the top of your head.

Again, this is an energy healing placement that brings the spirit back into the body. This one may draw attention to you, but you can use both hands and interlock them if you would prefer.

5) Visualize yourself rooting into the ground like a tree or anchoring into the earth through energy cords coming from your base and feet chakras.

This can be done as an entire meditation or just quickly in the moment. You are intentionally grounding your spirit into the earth. If you continually do this visualization, you will find that you ground more easily and stay grounded longer.

6) Focus on your feet and legs.

Wiggle your toes and pay attention to all the sensations of your feet. What do your calves and your thighs feel like? How does it feel to stretch out or flex your feet? A lot of times when we are ungrounded or disassociated we lose connection to our body’s sensations. This helps us draw our spirit back into our body.

7) Eat some food and drink some water.

Taking care of your body’s physical needs will help you ground into your body. When ungrounded, it is easy to forget to take care of our basic needs such as food and water. Whenever you get anxious or feel ungrounded, train yourself to notice if you need to eat or drink because your anxiety might stem from that. Protein and fiber are particularly grounding.

8) Get up and move around while paying attention to how your body feels during the movements.

Yoga, dance, and stretching are great for this practice. Notice how it feels to move or stretch. What areas are tight or holding tension? Is there any pain or discomfort? Tune into your body and spend time giving it movement that helps it feel better.

9) Stop and find 7 things around you, state their name in your mind and one color on it before you move on to the next.

This will help you get into the moment and turn your awareness back on. This is great for anxiety, disassociation, and grounding in general.

10) Body Scan Meditation

The body scan meditation is a mindfulness practice. Here is link that walks you through a body scan meditation that you can either self-direct or follow along with the audio.

Tips For Staying Grounded Longer and Easier:

  • Carry grounding stones (here is a link to my favorite stones).
  • Develop a grounding meditation practice
  • Exercise
  • Do yoga or dance
  • Eat whole foods regularly, particularly protein and fiber rich foods
  • Avoid excessive caffeine or cut it out together
  • Avoid or limit alcohol and marijuana consumption
  • Heal your lower three chakras and your feet chakras; Base, sacral, solar plexus (The base and feet chakras are the primary grounding chakras but imbalances affect surrounding chakras so healing the sacral and solar plexus are important as well.)

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