My name is Lindsey Luna and I’m an energy healer, survivor, and empath.

My journey to here started in childhood. I had a zest for life, I marched to the beat of my own drum, and I was always searching for the depth and beauty in life. I was fortunate to be able to explore spirituality on my terms. I tried out various religions, I was drawn to tarot, Wicca, Christianity, Tao, nature…

But I struggled, a lot. I was VERY sensitive and I grew up in a chaotic and addicted family. There was love but it very much lacked stability..

Being an Empath, this trauma both heightened my sensitivity and weighed me down. When I lost my mother due to sudden death at the age of 15, my world shattered. I turned to drinking to cope with the pain. I lost my connection to spirit and became an atheist. After all, why would God punish me and take the one person who kept me sane? I believed that God couldn’t possibly exist while I suffered.

Instead of dealing with the pain, I masked it with my addictions. My unhealed trauma caused me to willingly accept abuse and I attracted many abusers and unhealthy situations into my life. Because I felt the pain of others so deeply, I naively thought helping them would relieve my suffering.

Trying to change the external world never make me feel better. I wasn’t helping them or myself, I became the vessel for people to bury their pain and I willingly accepted it. This made me physically, mentally, and spiritually sick.

Despite my struggles I remained optimistic and hopeful. I remembered a time when I didn’t carry so much pain and I was determined to find that person inside me again and bring her out into the world.

It wasn’t until I decided I was ready to take on the path of a healer and became a massage therapist that I really had no choice but to look at my pain and trauma and deal with it head on. I couldn’t run from it anymore. I took complete responsibility over my life and it changed for the better.

My atheism transitioned to spirituality. I became a Reiki practitioner and something changed within me and my spiritual awakening began. I focused my efforts on my physical health, my mental health, and my spiritual health. I realized my search for wholeness would be found internally instead of externally.

I had already known I was an empath but I didn’t understand how to stop the constant psychic input I received from everyone around me. I reached out to other healers, I worked hard on myself, I studied everything I could find and as I healed my spiritual body, my physical body, and my mind I learned how to master my energetic space.

I discovered my empathic sensitivity was not a curse, but a gift. I learned how to release what was not mine, I learned how to protect and clear myself, and I learned I how to use my gifts to help others heal and grow too.

That is where I am now. I help other empaths, sensitives, lightworkers heal their spirit, release their personal blocks and traumas, shift their mindsets, and support them in sharing their gifts with the world.

God, spirit, the universe, whatever you want to call the divine force in life never meant for me to suffer. I believe I was given this life and my difficulties so that I could overcome them. So that I could show others it is possible to heal, grow, and live your best life..



I went from being buried under trauma to building the life of my dreams. You can too!

Why Work With Me?


I have been doing energy healing since 2013


I'm a shamanic energy healer and Reiki master. I use a variety of modalities in all my sessions


I value ethics and boundaries


Energetic safety is my top priority


I am trauma and mental health informed


I have a holistic view point and I value mind-body-spirit equally


I have hundreds of happy clients and taking care of you is my top priority!

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