Reiki Infused Therapeutic Massage

Each massage is completely tailored to you and what you need at the time of service.  Massage treatments are great for relaxation, improving mental health, reducing stress and anxiety, reducing tension, and reducing pain. 

Each Treatment Includes:


Completely Tailored Experience

Each session we do a quick intake to make sure that we are addressing your concerns and goals for your massage. Whether you want a full-body relaxation treatment or target specific areas to address pain and tension. You will get what you’re looking for.


No Extra Charge For Add-ons

All sessions always include hot towels. If you would like me to do deep tissue, add cupping, add Gua Sha, incorporate lymphatic drainage massage, treat trigger points let me know at the start of service and I will accommodate. I will also let you know if I feel you would benefit from either of these options at no extra charge.


Reiki Infused Throughout Entire Treatment

Reiki is a healing energy that helps to heal the spiritual body. You will receive a constant flow of reiki healing every minute while I am massaging. This helps to clear stuck energy and strengthen your energy field. Perfect for mind-body-spirit healing.

 If you are looking for a deeper energy healing experience
I recommend the Reiki Infused Therapeutic Massage + Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Guidance Session Combo. A Reiki infused massage is a lighter energy cleanse and is recommended more for mind-body-spirit maintenance. 

Reiki Infused Therapeutic Massage + Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Guidance Combo

Yes, the name is a mouthful. I just don’t know what else to call it. This service is a combination of both my shamanic energy healing and reiki-infused massage. Meaning, you get the best of both sessions. We start the service with 60 minutes of hands-on therapeutic massage that is infused with reiki energy. Then we finish the session with 30 minutes of shamanic energy healing for a deep and powerful spiritual cleanse. This is the perfect session for deep mind-body-spirit healing.

Each Treatment Includes:


60 Minutes of Reiki Infused Massage

Reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and tension. Completely tailored to what you need. Includes hot towels and add-ons for no extra charge. Infused with reiki to clear your spirit and prep us for the deeper shamanic healing at the end.


30 Minutes of Shamanic Energy Healing

The session then concludes with 30 minutes of deep spiritual healing. Balance your chakras, and remove unwanted energy cords, blocks, and attachments. Heal spiritual damage, open up your flow, address past life healing, and so much more.


Spiritual Guidance and Coaching

Receive messages from your spirit guides and higher self. Learn techniques to tap into your intuition and spiritual gifts. Learn how to improve your spiritual health and wellbeing.


I have been a licensed massage therapist and energy healer since 2013.

Over the years I have specialized in helping clients with massage therapy for a variety of things. I have worked assisting clients with chronic and acute pain, post-surgery recovery, surgery prevention, lymphatic drainage, orthopedic massage, and trauma healing & mental health recovery.

I love helping my clients’ lives improve with massage therapy and energy healing and I utilize a variety of modalities and tailor each session to you.


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