Fall Shamanic Apprenticeship

Date & Time

Starts in October.

Official dates coming soon!


Soul Circle Healing Center

7233 Potomac Dr, Boise, ID 83704



Payment Plans & Sliding Scale Options are available.

Course Objective

  • To be able to perform shamanic healing safely and effectively on others, self, and the earth.
  • To build a shamanic practice and lifestyle.
  • To learn how to work with guides, spirits, spirit animals, crystals, and elements
  • To learn how to perform basic energy healing; balancing chakras, energy anatomy, healing energy dysfunction
  • To learn how to perform advanced shamanic healing techniques; psychic surgery, soul retrieval, curse/hex removal, exorcism, energy cord removal, helping spirits pass on, and entity removal
  • To learn how to use intention and rituals
  • To learn how to work with different shamanic healing tools
  • To learn ethics and boundaries
  • To learn how to support those with trauma/mental health issues/chronic illness

    Course Study Subjects

    • History of shamanism
    • Shamanism in the modern world
    • The shamanic lifestyle
    • Energy protection & safety
    • Journeying
    • Meeting and working with guides
    • Meeting and working with spirit animals both personal and in session
    • Shamanic tools & how to work with them
    • Performing a healing
    • Performing advanced shamanic healing
    • Communicating with clients/healing recipients
    • Ethics & Boundaries
    • Mind, body, and spirit connections
    • Energy anatomy
    • Shamanic healing and mental & physical problems
    • Intuition development
    • Creating a ritual
    • Using intention
    • Symptoms and signs of spiritual dysfunction
    • Self-care
    • How to get clients/internship hours
    • The importance of energy exchange

    Course Information

    This course is a personal development course just as much as it is a course to teach you how to help others through shamanic practices and healings. I will give you all the tools needed to work with the spiritual realm and teach you how to provide both beginner and advanced healing techniques.

    This course is a mixture of education, hands on practice, internship hours, and a final ritual meant to prepare the student to move from apprentice to healer by the end. No two shamans will be alike when it comes to their practices and their healings. So keep that in mind throughout your journey. There is no need to compare, as everyone’s magic is unique and special. I am here to support you in following YOUR path.

    This course is life changing. Every person I have worked with has undergone a beautiful transformation through learning these skills. It opens your gifts up and boosts your intuitive abilities. I am amazed at the skill level my apprentices grow to by the end of the course. Because I have done the work to learn these skills and have condensed them into a learning format, you are able to jump right into a more advanced level of healing that took me years to get to. I am so thrilled to be able to pass this knowledge on. I will give you the tools and a framework to build your shamanic practice and lifestyle upon. However, it is in no way a completely comprehensive course. There are so many different ways to practice shamanism, as it is found globally.  You will get the tools to practice safely and effectively and it’s up to you to build upon and specialize in whichever direction you see fit. Spirit will guide you along your path as well so trust the process and allow yourself to explore what feels right for you as we go along.

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