Shamanic Energy Healing & Spiritual Guidance

Over time our spirit, which I view as our soul that inhabits our body during this lifetime, can become damaged or bogged down by energetic gunk.

Trauma, unhealthy relationships, living in unhealthy environments, not taking care of ourselves, and even our own unhealthy mental thought processes can negatively affect our spirit. Energy healing helps repair our flow and open up our connections to improve mind, body, and spirit.

This improves your overall mental, physical, and spiritual well-being–allowing you to heal from trauma, release unhealthy patterns, and manifest your greatest desires with ease.

What’s Included:

Energy Healing

Release energetic blocks, remove unwanted cords, let go of negative entities or attachments, open up your energetic flow, ground into your body and the earth, heal spiritual damage, strengthen and upgrade your energy field, balance your chakra system, soul retrieval, past life healing, and so much more.

Somatic Healing & Mind-Body-Spirit Integration

Release trauma from mind, body, and spirit. Heal your nervous system and come out of fight/flight/freeze/fawn responses. Empower yourself and build a strong spiritual foundation to do deeper trauma healing work with me and with other providers such as EMDR therapy & counseling.

Channeled Messages From Your Spirit Guides

Receive guidance from your spiritual guides to help you find clarity, make choices with confidence, and help you in your path. Connect with your higher self and heal your inner child.

Coaching For Spiritual & Intuition Development

Learn how to work with the spiritual realm safely, how to protect your energy field, how to take care of your spiritual health, and how to grow your spiritual gifts.




Buy a package to save money on your appointments. You can redeem your packages in person or long distance. You can also split up your appointments into either 30-minute or 60-minute sessions.


Together, let’s clear out all that spiritual baggage that isn’t you so that you can fully shine like you were always meant to. I am going to support you and with Spirit, we co-create the healing session that you need at the time that you receive. I believe that spirituality is a unique and individual experience. So while we will be working with energy, I will meet you where you are and honor your spirituality no matter what religion or lack of religion you are.


You are worthy of healing, growth, and transformation.

Claim it.


My mission is to help all healers, lightworkers, and empaths heal, grow, and fully step into their gifts so that we all can embrace a new era in humanity.

I have been doing energy healing, channeling spirits, and teaching how to work with the spiritual realm since 2013. The past several years I have fully stepped into this path and have been supporting clients and working with apprentices full time to support in the current global awakening.

I used to struggle with trauma, chronic mental and physical health issues, on top of not knowing how to manage my spiritual gifts. I am well into my own healing journey and fully connected to spirit. My life is full of joy, love, abundance. Now I use my experience to help others transform their lives in the same way that I have.


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