Shamanic Reiki Level I & II Training and Attunement 

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Course Information

This course includes both Reiki level I & II training and attunement to Usui Reiki with a shamanic perspective and approach.

We will discuss Reiki’s history, how to channel Reiki and use the symbols, as well as learn how to use Reiki for healing of self and others. Furthermore, you will be attuned to Reiki Level I & Reiki Level II and then get an opportunity to practice.

Reiki I is for self-healing—which is vital for everyone’s practice. The more we take care of ourselves the better we are able to show up in our lives and in our relationships. Reiki Level I is required before completing Reiki level II.

In the Reiki Level II, you learn how to share Reiki healing with others. Allowing you to expand your practice and share reiki with others.

Both of these classes introduce you to shamanic healing and how to blend these two safely. These courses are also perfect for preparing a student to begin a shamanic apprenticeship if you feel the call.

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