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Everyone is empathic and we’re all psychic to some degree, some of us are just more in tune and sensitive than others. Those who are highly empathic have a strong clairsentient ability. Empaths are very sensitive and can feel the emotions of others and sometimes even their physical pain.

The following is a list of signs you’re an empath:

  • You have always been sensitive.
  • You might be sensitive to light, sounds, smells, foods, skin products, or laundry products.
  • You get overwhelmed or frustrated in busy locations such as stores, traffic, concerts, buses, events.
  • People trust you, sometimes even strangers feel safe sharing their life story with you.
  • You can read people really well and can usually sense if someone isn’t being authentic, they’re not doing well, or if they aren’t trustworthy.
  • Some people say they feel so much better after spending time with you.
  • People really like your advice because you are able to understand them so well.
  • You may have had paranormal experiences as a child or still do to this day.
  • You sometimes mirror people’s mannerisms and energy levels unintentionally.
  • Animals feel safe around you and they like you, even ones that don’t like many people.
  • You need your alone time to recharge and may consider yourself an introvert or an ambivert (blend of introvert and extrovert.)
  • You have trouble watching the news or hearing about sad and painful stories.
  • You can feel other people’s emotions deeply.
  • You struggle with the current state of the world.
  • You see ways in which the world can be helped.
  • You can sometimes feel other people’s physical pain.


Being an empath is a gift! It’s a beautiful thing that connects us to others and allows us to serve our purpose. However, many empaths who are just waking up to their gifts don’t have a lot control of it and need to develop better energetic boundaries.

The following is a list of signs you need to build up your boundaries:

  • You experience anxiety, depression, or fatigue (experiencing these issues can also be a sign of other health problems and aren’t always completely traced to your empathic gift).
  • You use food, alcohol, drugs, or other things as an attempt to numb your sensitivity, or on the severe end, you have developed addictions or eating disorders.
  • You might identify as codependent (some of the signs listed below qualify as codependent behavior).
  • You have a very big heart and sometimes it gets you in trouble. For instance you may give too much of your time, energy, or money to people that hurt you.
  • You see deeply into someone’s core light and view them as their potential and not their reality.
  • You may even find your self surrounded by or targeted by people that hurt you and want to exploit your generous nature. The extreme of this side is becoming a victim of narcissistic abuse.
  • You live with chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia, IBS, PTSD, etc.
  • You struggle with setting boundaries and have a difficult time saying no.
  • Other people’s emotions can become overwhelming so you may avoid conflict, even healthy conflict.
  • You neglect yourself.
  • You martyr yourself and feel responsible for other people and their emotions.
  • You sometimes have mood swings that come out of nowhere that aren’t related to mental illness.
  • Certain people leave you feeling drained after spending time with them.
  • You may isolate yourself or avoid people due to how overwhelming they are.

If you notice that you relate to any of the above signs and need to build better energetic boundaries, don’t worry. It is possible to develop your gifts AND your boundaries. Once upon a time I had little to no boundaries and my gift was seriously weighing me down. But now, I’m thriving! I love my gift and I love using it to help others and you can too.

If you are in the process of developing your boundaries, be gentle with yourself. This takes time. Celebrate your wins and celebrate your progress. You deserve to have boundaries and you deserve your own self love and self care.

I offer energy healing that combines energy coaching, so if you’re an empath and need some guidance and healing surrounding your gift, I would love to help you.

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